Homemakers Expo

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Homemakers Expo - Johannesburg 22-25 Feb 2018

Between The 22nd & 25th of February 2018, Blue Bay Outdoor Furniture attended the Homemakers Expo at the Johannesburg Ticketpro Dome. An event which celebrates the authenticity of real homes and their beauty.

The show is a space in which designers, creators and innovators come from far and wide to show off their latest ideas in an attractive, informative and entertaining display of all things Home and Home Décor. It is here where Blue Bay Furniture has chosen to show off our latest and greatest in furniture design for the city of Johannesburg to see.

Blue Bay achieved a great feat this year by arranging for a spectacular display. Here we combined our outdoor furniture with other accenting peripherals to provide he entertained crowed with a sense of outdoor living within the exhibition space. A wonderful chance for all those who attended the event to stop by to enjoy the furniture in a setting, which unlike the showroom floors of out studios, offered a new dynamic to experiencing outdoor furniture before it is purchased.

We can wholeheartedly say that there was great love and appreciation in the air during this event. Everyone in attendance was OR took great interest in the Homemaking industry and this provides for great industry conversation, a chance to liaise on future homemaking ideas and speculate where the homemaking industry is heading in South Africa. We are proud to be associated with these events for this reason, and cannot wait to be a part of this inspiring Expo next year. We have learned a lot from our fellow homemaking competitors and we are happy to say that the world can expect a lot more from Blue Bay Furniture throughout the year.

We hope that everyone who attended the Homemakers Expo in 2018 had an exceptional time and that you were as impressed as we were with the number of new feats in home innovation the country has to offer.

We Sure Were!