Boma Collection



A distinctly local concept that speaks to the ingenuity and beauty of African culture, a Boma is a rounded enclosure once used to contain livestock, though its usage today has broadened to a remarkable extent, now seen as a community hub for many African communities. With the Boma collection, Blue Bay has created furniture that wholeheartedly embodies that spirit, to use even the simplest of creations in the most remarkable of ways.

Incorporating the Boma’s unique circular design, this modular collection comes together to form a stunning rounded couch that encourages togetherness and interaction, bringing each and every social gathering to life with ease.

Using a high-density polyethene weave that is not only comfortable, but built to withstand the elements as well as prolonged use, as well as soft cushioning in your choice of fabrics, the Boma collection is sure to last a lifetime, ensuring that you’ll always have a place for you and those close to you to gather and unwind.