Boma Compact Collection



A distinctly local concept that speaks to the ingenuity and beauty of African culture, a Boma is a rounded enclosure once used to contain livestock, though its usage today has broadened to a remarkable extent, now seen in many African communities as a place to gather and connect. With the Boma Compact collection, Blue Bay brings a sense of community and liveliness to any living space, while still keeping a keen sense of style.

A masterwork that shows off the full capabilities of modular design, the Boma Compact collection brings together a series of couches, side tables, and coffee tables all built using a comfortable high-density polyethene weave and soft, gentle couches to form a gorgeous circular design.

It is with this unique shape that the Boma Compact collection effortlessly encourages conversation between all who use it, bringing everyone together in the lap of luxury and style.