Boma Mini Collection



A distinctly local concept that speaks to the ingenuity and beauty of African culture, a Boma is a rounded enclosure once used to contain livestock, though it is now more commonly used today as a gathering point in many African communities, a place for people to connect and converse. With the Boma Mini collection, we have made use of modular design in a way that perfectly honors the togetherness that Bomas so effortlessly create.

The Boma Mini collection uses a striking modular design to bring together a series of stunning rounded couches encircling a gorgeous ottoman, with each piece making use of a high-density polyethene weave and cushions in your choice of fabrics that aren’t just comfortable, but seamlessly stylish as well.

With the Boma Mini collection, Blue Bay provides a set that encourages conversation and community, bringing you and your guests together and ensuring that everybody feels welcome to rest and relax in style.