Cube Collection



Japan is home to some of the most densely packed cities in the world, and in some regards, space can be more than a little limited. To accommodate for this, Japanese design trends have turned an eye towards style and functionality, without using any more space than is necessary. It is with these sensibilities in mind that we created the Cube collection, a masterpiece in efficient design.

As its name implies, the Cube collection makes use of simple, geometric shapes as the basis for its aesthetic, using striking modular design that flawlessly fits into any living space, no matter the size.

This focus on using space efficiently, however, has not dulled Blue Bay’s keen eye for style, ensuring that each piece is sleek, chic, and utterly gorgeous. From the ottomans and chairs with their rattan weaves and soft, plush cushioning, to the dining tables that perfectly holster the chairs and allow them to be tucked beneath the surface, saving space with elegance. The Cube collection shows that no living space ever needs to be denied a touch of beauty.