Hlali Collection



South Africans are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the unique experience of dam living. Providing an escape from the world at large, in which you can have fun entirely on your own terms in a setting filled with a vibrancy and energy that never overwhelms, whilst ensuring unmatched rest and relaxation. It is with this uniquely-South African experience in mind that our stunning Hlali collection was born.

The Hlali collection uses modular design to effortlessly capture a vibrant, yet relaxing aesthetic that will suit any living space flawlessly. Built upon hollow aluminum cores that keep each piece light, yet sturdy and resistant to all elements, and using a stunning rattan weave, this collection was built to sustain endless hours of prolonged use, promising stability without sacrificing style.

Consisting of armchairs, two-seater couches, and side and coffee tables, each component of this collection will provide your outdoor living experience with an unforgettable sense of luxury.