1. WHY POWDER COAT? A powder coated finish offers superior scratch, impact and chemical resistance to metal, wood & even glass products.
2. WHAT ARE EVERYDAY USES? Powder coating is used in automotive, industrial applications for personal, residential & commercial metal projects.
3. WHAT CAN BE POWDER COATED? Everything from rims to railings, gate, furniture, lighting, fixtures, furnishings, venting, auto & mechanical parts – just to name a few.
4. WHICH METALS CAN BE COATED? Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Stainless & Steel Alloys and some solid Cast Metals. Provided it can hold an electrostatic charge.
5. WHAT POWDERS ARE BEST? Although there are indoor powders, outdoor-rated powders like TGIC, Polyesters & Urethanes have the most functionality.
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