We offer a comprehensive range of originally designed surfaces to the restaurant, hotel, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our  collection of surface types have been worked on for years, and our latest offering is a unique mix of colour in oak, metallic, stone and terrazzo finishes available in various sizes from as small as 300mm to 3m!

Polytop Surfaces tops are made for strength, and as our tops are laminated using fiberglass as a core, they are not prone to chipping, no matter how many times they are ‘banged’ together.

  • Polytop Surfaces tops are extremely durable, and the hardness makes for resistance to scratch.
  • Polytop Surfaces are colour fast
  • Polytop Surfaces tops are resistant to warp. We recommend light colours if they are to be used in direct sunlight. There is a bow tolerance for surfaces in direct sunlight.